COMPU-DATA’s Data onDemand™ solution will be exhibited at the 2022 Annual Texas Police Chiefs Association Conference in Galveston, Texas. The event will be held from April 11-14 at the Galveston Island Convention Center and attended by law enforcement officials and members from across the state of Texas.

Data onDemand™ has long been rooted in law enforcement and government sectors. Originally developed for the U.S. Department of Energy and Department of Defense, Data onDemand™ products and services meet rigorous government security standards.

Sheriff and police departments are subject to rigid protections, especially when it comes to matters of storing and sharing criminal and personal data. Digital database tools used within law enforcement agencies must be CJIS compliant. Data breaches can lead not only to costly fines but run the risk of comprising a criminal case.

Data onDemand™ FREEZ (“Forensic Records & Evidence made EZ”) is a digital evidence management system that allows for the safe sharing of documents and information critical to an investigation. Confidential data is locked down on secure, US-based remote servers and accessible only by those granted permission, assuring CJIS compliance.

Local sheriff and police departments across the state of Texas have successfully digitized their projects with Data onDemand™. Whether you represent a large, metro area or a rural county, we take the time to understand and implement successful strategies and solutions to benefit your department. Data onDemand™ solutions offer scalability, ease, and security at all levels.

Visit us at booth #222 in the Exhibit Hall to learn more about FREEZ from Data onDemand™ as well as other solutions we provide local law enforcement offices.

Can’t make the event? Give us a call or submit a request to connect with a Data onDemand™ representative.

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