Bexar County recently underwent a significant digital transformation which has revolutionized the way their local government can now access data. By teaming up with COMPU-DATA and KODAK Alaris, Bexar County is the leading success story in making their local government exponentially more efficient through digitization.

The Starting Point: A 40 Year Backlog of Documents

The collaborative effort between Bexar County, COMPU-DATA, and KODAK Alaris began as Lucy Adame-Clark took office as Bexar County Clerk and saw an immediate need for revolutionizing document management in her county. What started as an increasingly difficult-to-manage 40 year backlog of documents, spanning multiple departments, is now on pace to be fully cleared ahead of schedule. The overwhelming consensus was that the county needed an innovative and user-friendly way of digitizing these volumes of documents so that they could be accessed instantaneously by Bexar County’s court system.

Utilizing KODAK Alaris Solutions for Digital Transformation

As Carlos Gutierrez, VP of Sales and Marketing for COMPU-DATA International, LLC was tasked with recommending a game-changing document management solution, he suggested the KODAK Info Input Solution and KODAK i4250 Scanners. The award-winning i4250 Scanners are optimal for efficiently scanning large volumes of documents, while indexing and storing the documents for instant searchability, with minimal manual effort involved. Training and support were provided by COMPU-DATA and KODAK Alaris to ensure lasting success with the newly implemented document management system.

“KODAK Alaris and Carlos’ team at COMPU-DATA provided excellent support from day one. They’ve been with us every step of the way, helping us understand the systems and the powerful tools that KODAK Alaris provides” – Lucy Adame-Clark, Bexar County Clerk

The New System in Action

Once implemented, the new system allowed all departments within Bexar County to move quickly through decades of longstanding document backlogs and modernize their processes overnight, all with minimal human intervention. The positive impact was far reaching and felt immediately, as local government and court systems were able to more efficiently work through cases and better serve their community as a result. With real-time access to key records at the click of a mouse, seamless collaboration between multiple departments was made possible.

“Now we have all of this information available within minutes or less. This has significantly improved the experience internally and for the people we serve. This solution has been very beneficial to the public” – Lucy Adame-Clark, Bexar County Clerk

An Innovative Solution Makes Bexar County the Leading Success Story in Digital Transformation

The resounding success Bexar County has experienced with their digitization journey is concrete proof of the results that the combined effort of COMPU-DATA, KODAK Alaris, and Bexar County were able to achieve as a team. In addition to the digitization efforts, KODAK Alaris solutions will also be used to automate processes and workflows to further increase productivity and efficiency for years to come.

Special thanks and credit to KODAK Alaris. To learn more, read the case study on Bexar County’s Digitization Journey at KODAK Alaris’s Website.

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