We all know the frustration of documents getting lost, misplaced, or never making their way to the correct hands more often than it should. Additionally, the resentment of getting pulled over, cited, or even having to deal with legal proceedings. We also know the dissatisfaction of an incident report, case sensitive information or other important documents not making it through the process, constantly getting misplaced. It is crucial for law enforcement entities to adapt and enhance their effectiveness to the community and COMPU-DATA is here to assist with just that, the transition to digital transformation as we have with Law Enforcement agencies around the United States with our Data-onDemand™ and Virtual FileRoom™.


5 Logical Explanations for Digital Transformation

Data Integration and Efficiency – Law Enforcement deals with a multitude of diverse data types, including body camera video, videos from street cameras/business, texts from phones, emails, or written letters, as well as images, and audio. This will help streamline data ingestion, processing and sharing, making agencies more efficient and responsive. Additionally, will enable better decision-making and collaboration across agencies.

Improved Situational Awareness – Due to the constant loss of handwritten documents and misplacement of important information, Law Enforcement will have real-time access to information for command staff and field officers.

Training and Change Management – While needing to be CJIS (Criminal Justice Information Services) compliant, this is one of the most important reasons. This will create and rebuild trust with the public and build better relationships between all officials of the governing body. Ensuring that personnel are thoroughly trained and confident in the changes being implemented.

Cost Reduction and Operation Efficiency – Transitioning to the digital world of documentation will result in decrement of processing times, cost, and overall improving performance among precincts, filing clerks, and officers. Allowing their time to be better spent on important matters and allowing the process to flow more freely.

Enhanced Collaboration and Transparency – Ever sit in a court room when your represented council and the judge are discussing your case, and the judge mentions how they did not receive a motion for continuance or certain paperwork that was vital to your case? Your lawyer and officers insist that paperwork was submitted days up to weeks ago.  Maximizing the secure digital enhancement would eliminate the unwanted conversations of lost documentation.

By embracing technology, agencies can better serve and protect their communities while adapting to the changing landscape. COMPU-DATA is here to lend our guidance to eradicate the difficulties of transitioning to the technological world. We strongly believe in safety and security being our biggest goal in aiding Law Enforcement in their digital data development.

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