Even with many schools and universities going digital, the education sector remains less secure than other industries with a whopping 44% increase in cyberattacks over the past two years. In this blog, we’ll discuss cybersecurity in education.

The Massive Toll of Data Breaches in the Education Sector

Data breaches of this nature can come at a staggering financial cost and can significantly disrupt the day-to-day operations of schools and universities. The education sector currently ranks highest in ransomware recovery costs and lowest in the implementation of necessary cybersecurity measures out of all major industries. By making strides to increase awareness and readiness to identify vulnerabilities and potential threats, education institutions can better protect themselves for years to come.

The Need for Heightened Security

The embrace of cloud-based solutions has provided schools and universities with an ideal and secure infrastructure for a collaborative and fully interactive learning environment for students and teachers. As the sudden leap into digital learning was largely by necessity during the pandemic, many cybersecurity issues in the education sector predate this shift and had remained unaddressed until recently. Cybercriminals took notice, turning their focus toward exploiting the vulnerabilities in the education sector more than nearly any other major industry. With distance and hybrid-learning here to stay, schools and universities have prioritized finding digital learning solutions with beefed-up, built in security features already in tow.

A Dynamic Approach Against Cyberthreats

As the level of security of devices and networks used by students at home can vary significantly, the utilization of zero trust frameworks and multi-factor authentication can be especially beneficial in these scenarios. Schools that have lagged behind in the installation of routine security patches must address these vulnerabilities by consistently staying up to date. Another key to success is the formulation of comprehensive response plans for a variety of cyber-threat scenarios. Increased preparedness to stay ahead of threats posed by hackers and ransomware requires not only educating staff, but also students and parents on best security practices. As a simple click on a suspicious link or attachment can derail the learning process, schools everywhere must ensure everyone remains vigilant. There is no one easy way to stay ahead of these threats, therefore a multi-pronged approach is needed to ensure that the education sector remains safe in the years ahead.

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