The Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) issued its final rule on August 4, 2022, putting an end to its rulemaking trilogy known as the Mega Rule. With this rule now going into effect, energy companies are now tasked with handling the reporting requirements with the Mega Rule.

Luckily, our Data OnDemand™ solution provides an all-encompassing Mega Rule solution through our offerings ranging from document scanning services, automation, artificial intelligence, and cloud-based storage. Digitizing your operation’s documents can mean the difference between a costly excavation and re-verification project requiring multiple pipelines to be retested. Digitizing your records can also help capture gaps in a pipe’s documentation.

Our solution is broken down into three main components:

Document Capture

First, our team of professionals will travel to our client’s location to package and deliver your documents to our secure scanning facility. Once delivered, documents are scanned using high-speed production scanners, ensuring a consistent output of digitized pipeline records. Documents are then automatically indexed, which allows users to later search for any document in their organization.

Records Management

Next, once your documents have been digitized and indexed by our team, they are automatically uploaded into our cloud-based document management system; Virtual FileRoom™. Our solution makes it easier for operators to track and audit pipelines that don’t meet specific reporting requirements. Paired with the ability to search for any single document and its content, VFR™ provides a powerful solution to efficiently store, search, and retrieve pipeline records, ensuring operators always have access to all records.

Automation & AI

Uncovering compliance gaps out of millions of pressure test and integrity records cannot be achieved manually. Therefore, using pattern recognition software we provide a system that searches for any missing pressure test, integrity, and material record that has been scanned, and alerts users once a document matches their compliance requirements. From here, operators can efficiently verify that the document fulfills a pipeline’s reporting requirement, effectively covering compliance gaps according to the Mega Rule.

Contact us today to see how our Data OnDemand™ solution can help manage your reporting requirements with the Mega Rule!

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