Gas pipelines are no joke when it comes to what seriously matters most: your safety. While the government works to make it more environmentally friendly to transport natural gas, there is an abundance of regulations that must be followed. The Mega Rule being the biggest one of them.

The regulations that gas pipelines need to be compliant as well to be able to operate under Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) and Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) were broken down to the following: proper operations, compliance on hazardous spill cleanups, pipeline maintenance, and a way to manage the hazardous materials on the job site and being transported. Should the pipeline not meet these expectations the government will seize all operations.

The Mega Rule is broken down into three sections that was implemented over the last few years, beginning in 2020 and finalized in 2023.

Mega Rule list of compliance

  • Record keeping requirements & material verification.
  • Inspection requirements, corrosion control and integrity management.
  • Expansion of PHMA’s jurisdiction.

A study found that many of the pipeline operators were not keeping up with their records and lacked other critical information necessary to stay properly informed about potential risks and the performance of the pipeline.

Approaching compliance with COMPU-DATA’s Data-onDemand™

Is your organization meeting Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) compliance?

All documentation and protocols necessary for gas pipeline compliancy can be digitized for quick and easy access to improve efficiency. Due to the overwhelming changes of recordkeeping, reporting procedures, and operations, it has become increasingly difficult for operators to access necessary information or required documents quickly and efficiently for government inspections.

With COMPU-DATA’s capabilities and years of experience with document management, we were able to pinpoint two hydrostatic tests effectively and efficiently out of 37 million total images scanned saving the organization time re-testing and money. Data OnDemand™ can assist your organization in getting compliant with The Mega Rule as organizations must be in full compliance by August 2025.

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