The sheer number of documents that county clerks and local government process daily is astronomical. Only in the last few years have the tides started to shift towards digitization, with county clerks and their respective departments realizing the need for systems that allow for improved and immediate access to crucial files. While the leap into digitization can be daunting for many, some counties have faced such extensive backlogs of documents that slowed productivity to a crawl, making it an absolute necessity to move forward with digitization.

Vast Improvements in Security and Efficiency

Court documents, land deeds, marriage licenses, and other vital records in paper form are just some of the documents that these departments deal with on a frequent basis. Due to many of these documents containing sensitive information, heightened security is an integral component to any digital document management system. By utilizing these systems, county clerks can ensure the security of these sensitive documents to remain in compliance with any local or state regulations. In making these documents instantly accessible between departments, requests that had once taken weeks to complete can be done in under a day, instantly boosting efficiency between departments.

Future Proofing

Fires, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, and other natural disasters can cause extensive data loss when the paper hard copies of documents are destroyed in the process. Additionally, data loss can occur via documents that are misplaced or stolen. Historical records can be permanently preserved in digital form, which can help county clerks do necessary future proofing in the instance of such disasters. As many documents must be retained indefinitely and others following a retention schedule, having a permanent digital copy of these documents can be a life saver for these departments.

Remaining Digital

As local government entities complete their digital transformation, many of the new documents that are generated and processed are paperless e-forms, allowing for seamless use between departments. Paper based request forms can also be replaced by automated online request forms that ensure no requests fall through the cracks, while certain requests can be expedited based on priority or urgency level. By automating these processes and streamlining workflows through digitization, county clerks and their respective departments can turn their attention to better serving their communities.

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