The Data OnDemand™ solution provides a complete document management solution for the Mega Rule that greatly reduces if not entirely prevents capital expenditures associated with the extensive retesting of unverified pipelines. We implement a solution that allows pipeline companies to digitize, store, search for, and most importantly retrieve vital records. This could mean the difference between a small scanning project and a multi-million-dollar retesting operation.

Our solution can be broken down into three main categories. Capture, Management, and Retrieval.


Our team of professionals is well-equipped to digitize pipeline integrity records, hydrostatics pressure tests, and material records that make a key difference in providing adequate evidence of a verified, approved transmission line. We pick up, prepare, and scan all your pipeline records using high-speed document scanners, ensuring exceptional image quality and accuracy.


Once digital, your records are automatically uploaded into our cloud content management system, Virtual FileRoom™(VFR™), where users can easily manage and store all vital records. Storing records in VFR highlights compliance gaps in pipelines, allowing operators to quickly assess the documents required for any specific pipeline’s compliance.


Our capability to find two hydrostatic pressure tests out of 37 million total scanned images is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to our document management functionalities. Virtual FileRoom™ not only serves as a repository but as an advanced search and retrieval tool. Operators can search for all records related to a specific gas transmission line using various search methods. That way they can narrow down to the exact content within every single file using artificial intelligence and searchable PDFs.

Contact us today to see how our Data OnDemand™ solution can help you with a document management solution for the Mega Rule.

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