With the digital transformation taking place across all platforms of our lives, organizations like our police departments are no exception. Police departments now need to manage a huge amount of digital evidence and other important data, and they must do so in a timely manner.

Having a proper system in place is vital for your police department’s ability to run smoothly.

Data Management System of the Past

In the past, police officers would need to record everything on a case on paper. Each criminal case that they created would contain a case number, dates, and other substantial amounts of information.

Over time, it became incredibly difficult to keep a record of such enormous amounts of data. With the digital transformation taking place, paper-based systems became too much to manage.

From this, systems like Case Management Systems and Records Management Systems became necessary to store, search, retrieve, archive, and modify all sorts of information for police records. They also became extremely useful during investigations and court proceedings.

Data Management Today

Having a case management system that allows you to manage your case evidence and data is extremely important nowadays. However, having one that allows you to securely share that evidence across multiple departments is a huge factor as well.

Sensitive data puts a target on your department for cybercriminals to try to gain access as well as leak that information.

Our Data OnDemand™ solution adds a high-level 256bit encryption to all your files. With that in mind, you can have the peace of mind that your sensitive information is going to be properly secured while stored and in transit.

Contact us today to see how COMPU-DATA’s Data OnDemand™ Solution can help your forensic, case, and evidence management needs!

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