What exactly are the benefits of digitizing your records management to improve your government processes? Well, one of the most impactful benefits is the cloud service providers’ encryption and security features. Transferring your records to servers hosted by COMPU-DATA, for example, means that they are now protected by the same level of security as that provided to the federal government or U.S Army. In addition to that, you’ll be able to benefit from the continued investment in the backup of those systems. That way you can keep up with the threats of the digital age without having to directly invest more time, money, and resources.


The next benefit would be making your records management accessible. It is not hard to imagine just how hard it is to keep up with requests from citizens when you must create, manage, and distribute an abundance of records daily. When switching to digital records you can view them on any device at any time as well as be shared securely amongst multiple people.

Digital records allow government agencies to apply metadata so they can instantly search for their records by their preferred fields. This cuts the time down to seconds when searching for a specific document.

Audit Trail

The third benefit of digital records is being able to provide an audit trail. Government agencies can monitor when documents are created or deleted as well as track who and when someone logs in and out. They are also able to see who made any changes to the system as well.

The final benefit would be document retention. One major problem that constantly comes up for the government is how long to keep specific records and what to do when they reach that time limit. Luckily, a digital document management system like Virtual FileRoom™ can enforce consistent policies throughout the entire system. That way they can be automatically deleted or moved once their retention schedule is up. This would save time and eliminate the human error aspect associated with the process.

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