Digital transformation in law enforcement has resulted in an abundance of data coming in all at once, ranging from video files, audio recordings, text, and digital pictures. They need a software or solution that can handle all that information, so nothing gets lost in transition. Contact us today to see how our Data-OnDemand™ Solution can benefit your law enforcement agencies.

Some direct advantages of digital transformation in law enforcement include:

  • Allows for faster and more efficient action taking
  • An increase in cooperation between police departments and public safety systems
  • Better government ecosystem
  • A decrease in expense for agencies
  • Secure collection of evidence
  • Decrease mishandling of digital evidence

Digital Evidence

Virtual hearings and investigations are becoming a lot more common in courts. So, forensic evidence and legal records are stored in digital case files that get shared in real-time across the courts.

It is almost mandatory you have a document management solution that is going to keep all that documentation secure and private. Especially with digital evidence being shared in real-time with legal proceedings and investigations.

Collaboration Across Departments

Before the digital transformation era, police departments were limited by how fast and accurately they were able to share evidence and information with each other. There was a lot of room for human error which could have resulted in the mishandling of evidence for an important trial.

Nowadays, digital transformation in law enforcement has made it incredibly easy and secure to share data across police departments.

Don’t let your police department fall behind in the digital era and contact us today!

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