The global pandemic posed a new set of challenges during the 2020 election, as the widespread use of mail-in ballots played a significant role like never before. With over 40% of the population refraining from voting in person due to the COVID-19 pandemic, states and counties needed to have a solid infrastructure in place to prioritize the security and integrity of their elections.

The Need for Long Term Solutions

Even as the pandemic has eased, in the years preceding and following it, an increasing number of voters had already turned to mail-in voting (with this trend continuing into 2022’s election). With this seismic shift towards the increased prevalence of mail-in voting, there has been a greater need than ever before for a long-term solution for all future elections. As some states and counties have had to rely on outdated and less-than-secure software for managing their mail-in ballot systems, recent innovations in voter records management systems have sought to change this.

Streamlining the Process for Future Elections

The latest advances in voter records management systems have aimed to reduce the hours of labor involved with the extensive counting and auditing of mail-in ballots. As a significant number of states are unable to begin counting mail-in ballots until Election Day, the wait for final election results is often delayed by several days (and sometimes weeks if recounts and audits are performed). By instituting a voter management system, states and counties can significantly reduce the amount of time and effort needed, across the board. From managing voter applications, to printing mail in ballots, to tallying ballots received, to performing audits, these systems can help revolutionize elections processes for states and counties.

Emphasis on Security

In order to maintain the highest levels of election security, the need for full encryption of voter data and multi-factor authentication is paramount. Safeguards such as signature verification support, voter ID verification, and duplicate checking are of equal importance. The latest innovations in voter records management have placed a strong emphasis on addressing these concerns directly, while streamlining once-manual processes and making it far easier for states and counties to perform audits of their election records.

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