Reseller and Integrator Opportunities

Your choice, your customer; we are here to help you ensure your customer’s needs are met.

As a reseller and integrator ourselves, we know relationships based on trust are important. Keeping customers for the long term is achieved by providing a solution that successfully delivers on their needs and is easy to use.

Data onDemand provides five pillars that work out-of-the-box making it easy to implement. The benefit for you is the option to replace with another product any one of the pillars by integrating it into the Data onDemand Solution.

Capture Solutions


Straightforward and robust document capture ensures quick implementation compatible with various enterprise software.

Automate Solutions


Our open-source workflow platform empowers end-users and administrators to effectively create and apply business processes.

Manage Solutions


Easy-to-use interface provides familiarity to end-users. Completely customizable system made to adapt to customer’s needs.

Integrate Solutions


Low/No-code platform allows for simple integration and app building functionalities that directly integrate into current applications.

Security Solutions


Constant file encryption is undetectable to end-users. Encryption protects client information without interrupting vendor processes.

Let’s work together to help your customers and improve your bottom line.

Send us a message to learn more about becoming a Data onDemand reseller and integrator.

    Digital transformation is just around the corner.

    Take the next steps in managing your unstructured data.

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